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If we look at nature, we see how its energy fluctuates; slowing down in Winter, picking up pace in Spring, warming up in Early Summer, reaching full flow during the Summer and then returning to centre in Autumn. 


If we are mindfull of these seasonal energetic changes and adapt our way of living throughout the year; through food, sport, behaviour, emotions, and our yoga practise; then we can begin to balance our energy and work towards living a healthy and happy life.



Living seasonally and in tune with nature dates as far back as the ancient Chinese, who developed a system of preventing illness through observing  the relationship between nature and the energy of the seasons. They believed that illness and disease could be reduced by balancing the energy (prana) in our body, via exercise, breath, diet and mental focus.

Seasonal Yoga draws on this philosophy and each season, the yoga practise is adapted to include poses that open up different meridian lines (the energy network of the human body) related to the body organs that are associated with the particular season. We look to maintain balance and harmony for both body and mind by reflecting the energy of the season in our yoga practise, and  also in our life off the mat. 


Think of the phrase, "being in your element" and start to live in tune with nature and its changing energy.

SPRING - WOOD ELEMENT - Rising and new energy, clear vision, determination - Liver & Gall Bladder.

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