Metal Element
October 21st - December 20th
Welcome to the Autumn season, where the energetic yang energy merges into the cooler, calmer yin; when leaves change colour, daylight is shorter and there is the sense that the earth’s energy is gathering inward and preparing to ‘let go’ for winter.

It is time for us to let go of things that we may be holding on to, remove the old and focus on the things that we truly value.


Allow your manta for Autumn to be: “Breathe it all in, let it all out “.

Autumn is related to the Metal Element, which governs transformation, organisation, setting boundaries and re-establishing limits. 


Each season is related to a pair of organs and for Autumn these are the Lungs and Large Intestine. The organs which deal primarily with absorption and expulsion - the drawing in and letting go within the body.


The lungs take in new, fresh oxygen and expel stale carbon dioxide - we can not survive without this process, so it is vital to look after the health of our lungs.

In the East the lungs are associated with clear thinking, openess and positive thinking. The emotion associated with the lungs is grief, so make sure to focus on dealing with loss or grief in a healthy way in order to stay balanced and keep the lungs and mind healthy. 

The meridian lines (energy pathways) for the lungs, run from the outer collarbone, along the inner arm, ending in the thumb.


The large intestine is the final stretch of the alimentary canal. Its main function is to re-absorb water to help the body’s fluid balance and help with elimination of waste products.

In the East it is called ‘The Drainer of Dregs’ - a phrase that implies the removal of unwanted parts/emotions. By letting go we can stay balanced and keep the large intestine in check.

The meridian lines run up from the index finger, up the back of the arm into the V of the shoulder, ending in the opposite side of the nostril. The only meridian that crosses the midline.


The focus for your yoga practise in Autumn should be on breath awareness, pranayama and gathering energy inwards. Open and close the body, unite each movement with  your breath, increase your lung capacity, open the chest, find space and then bring yourself back down. 


Poses to practise that will stimulate the meridian lines for the lungs and large intestine and also give you a sense of openness in the chest allowing you to increase your breath: Warrior 1; Flank stretch; shoulder stand.


Virabhadrasana 1

(Warrior 1)


(Flank stretch)

Salamba Sarvangasana

(shoulder stand)

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