Hridaya Mudra Zone In Yoga


Vinyasa, Yin, Hot, Restorative, Bikram, Hatha, Animal Flow ... With so many classes and styles of yoga on offer these days it is always a good thing to try out a few different ones before you find the class that best suits you. And remember, going to a yoga class should not be about comparing yourself to the person on the mat next to you - its a time to leave your ego to one side and allow yourself to just be your true self.

We are all different and come to yoga for different reasons. Just enjoy the time you have made for yourself and be happy with the energy you have at that particular time, on that particular day. 

Zone In Yoga offers a few different styles of yoga throughout the week, with classes held online and in-person in Hersham, Surrey

ASHTANGA (Modified)

Alternate weeks on Monday 9am 

Ashtanga yoga follows a set sequence of postures, which are linked together by moving in time with the breath. As the sequence is repeated, the body begins to learn the poses and it is then that the student can explore getting deeper into each pose, including those that may be slightly more challenging. 

I take the class relatively slowly to allow the student to gain correct alignment and allow for modifications throughout. This class will bring about focus, build  internal heat and in turn, help to detoxify muscles and organs. 

For more about the benefits of Ashtanga please click here


A class for those completely new to yoga or maybe even those looking for a slower, gentle practise. Each week we practise some of the fundamental yoga poses, looking specifically at alignment, correct breathing techniques, how to move safely in and out of poses, and how to listen to our bodies. We learn pranayama (breath work) and relaxation/meditation techniques. Everyone welcome. 


This class is similar to the Beginners yoga however some of the class uses a chair for support and comfort, moving to standing postures to help increase balance, stability and joint mobility. The class also includes pranayama (breath work) and the most important part, relaxation!


Seasonal yoga classes are based around traditional Hatha yoga, and will often include Sun Salutations and a flow of different postures using the breath to guide us. Tuning into the energy of the particular season and the emotions and organs that are associated with it, the class will incorporate poses that work into opening meridian lines, stimulating blood flow, nerve endings and energy. Each class with also include some Pranayama (breath work) and end with a short relaxation (savasana). 

Be in tune with nature and learn to adapt your yoga practise and daily living in order to remain balanced and centred throughout the year, on and off your mat.To learn more about the seasons please click on Seasonal Info


In Yin yoga you will spend longer amounts of time holding particular postures which have been chosen according to the season, with the aim of order stimulating the meridian lines of particular bodily organs, releasing tension and potential blocked energy or emotions. This is a monthly class where postures will be held for longer lengths of time, allowing for the body to open and release tension and stress. The class will end with a guided meditation. Suitable for all, props needed (cushions,pillows, bolster)


This class focuses primarily on lots of juicy stretch postures to help open the shoulders, hamstrings and core work. Build strength, stability and focus whilst practising poses for the upper and lower body. Help maintain the health of your spine through correct alignment and mindful movement. 


Yoga Nidra means sleep with a trace of awareness. The guided meditation takes you to the borderline between wakefulness and dreaming, consciousness and unconsciousness. Leave feeling truly rested & restored.



If a group class is not for you and you would like more individual attention and tuition, then I offer private classes in the comfort of your own home. Please contact me for more information and availability.