Some lovely words from some lovely students ... 

"I have been going to Hannah's Mindful Ashtanga class for some time now and its a great way to start the week.  

I particularly enjoy the way Hannah takes us through the series of moves  allowing time to get each posture right with hands on guidance where necessary. Everyone in the class is encouraged to develop their practice within their own capabilities  and it is  good to feel the improvements.  Because the class follows a series of moves in a particular pattern they become second nature meaning that we can focus on our breath without worrying what is coming next. 

It's a non competitive environment and I would encourage others to come along and start the week with a great workout ..  " 

Mary, Sunbury (Mindful Ashtanga)

  "Since losing a lot of weight I needed to tone up. After 10 weeks my core strength has greatly improved and flexibly is a notable difference. In fact I have been asked if I have lost more weight but in fact I have toned up considerably. I was never sure about yoga or how it worked but how wrong can you be. I'm definitely converted."

Linda, Effingham (Seniors Yoga)



  " I have been whistling since my yoga session ... is it possible that yoga is making me happy?!!"

Laura, Weybridge (Seasonal Flow)

  "I finally made it to a yoga class again (after four years and two kids) and I just wanted to say what a fantastic instructor Hannah Juliano is. It was an amazing class, and reminded me how good it was for the soul. I definitely recommend."

Siobhan, Hersham



  "Hannah is a calm and insightful teacher. I've found her to be positive, encouraging and always full of praise... Her classes are challenging but attainable and I always leave feeling recharged!"

Lauren, Hersham (Friday Seasonal Flow)



   "Hannah, last night was the most relaxed I have been since I've had children! And one of the best nights sleep I've had X"

(One student after a Yoga Nidra class)

  "I really want you to know how grateful I am for your class and how much difference it has made - my body just sings with joy on the way home to have had some focused attention (and sometimes aches the day after!)."

Linda, Hersham (Monday Seasonal Flow)