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Hannah offers weekly yoga classes that offer you space and time to focus your mind, strengthen your body, bring awareness to seasonal energy and allow yourself a moment to just breathe. 


We all deserve to take some time out from our busy day, to check in with ourselves, to find some mental space away from distraction and discover the wonders of our breath.

Seasonal Yoga

The end of the summer holidays marks the start of the Late Summer season. During the next few months as we transition towards the last third of the year, it is a time to re-centre, stabilise, find our feet after a somewhat crazy start to the year. Now more than ever it is important to stay connected to what feels right and safe and to keep our spirits lifted as we continue through these uncertain times. 

Seasonal Yoga invites us to practise in tune with the seasons energy. In Late Summer Seasonal Yoga we focus on earthing, centring, core and connection.   Learn more about Late Summer Yoga.

 I look forward to seeing you in a virtual class soon!


All hall and community classes have now been suspended. However I am happy to be able to offer a weekly timetable of online classes.


I strongly believe at this time of the unknown, where we are feeling vulnerable, fearful and perhaps a bit lost, then finding space and time away from the chaos is much needed for our wellbeing and sanity. 

If you would be interested in joining the live classes from the comfort of your own home, all you need to do is:

  • Download the Zoom app or access the website www.zoom.us (best on a laptop with bigger screen) 

  • Click on the link below to choose a class. You will need to register for each class and then a class invite will then be emailed to you.

  • Find a quiet space at home and set up your equipment. Classes will be opened 10 minutes before to allow for set up and tech issues. 



Monthly Unlimited offer £40  or £10 pay as you go

Classes can be paid for via PayPal.com  info@zoneinyoga.co.uk


Keeping an eye on the weather forecast each week so I can offer some outdoor classes whilst we can!

Please be assured that we are allowed in a group larger than 6 as this is deemed as a 'group exercise class' and not a social gathering. 

There is plenty of space on the green for us to maintain a safe distance between mats and I just ask that you bring your own mats and any props that you may need. 

Next sessions on Back Green, Burhill Road, Hersham

  • TBC

£10 drop in, free to monthly pass members.

Check out Facebook & Instagram for regular updates or sign up to be on the latest mailing list.

Email to book


Monday Night Yoga at St Peters Church Hall

We're going back to the hall!

5th October 

6 - 7pm Beginners / Gentle

7.30pm - 8.30pm Seasonal Flow / Open Level

Spaces limited so you must book in advance

Book now!

The classes will continue to be live-streamed via Zoom so if you can't make it in person, carry on practising from the comfort of your home.


Register here.







December 4th - 6th 2020


2 nights away

6 yoga/meditation sessions

delicious home-cooked vegetarian food

practise in the yurt

beautiful Sussex countryside 


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