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Yoga to get you in the zone and just be ...

Hannah offers weekly seasonal yoga classes that offer you space and time to focus your mind, strengthen your body, bring awareness to seasonal energy and allow yourself a moment to just breathe. 

What is Seasonal Yoga?

Taking influences from Hatha Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Seasonal Yoga invites us to practise in tune with the seasons energy; slowing down and retreating in Winter, rising and uplifting in Spring, embracing the high energy of Summer, gathering and returning back to centre in Autumn. Just as the seasons change and flow, so too does our own energy, mood, feelings and emotions. In this fast paced, busy world that we find ourselves in, it is imperative that we find ways to step back, slow down, become more attuned to our own needs in order to maintain optimum health and well-being. 


Winter Wonder

With the start of a new year and the returning of light, the Winter season invites us to continue with a slower pace; a time to reflect on the past year, acknowledging the highs and lows and the invitation to plant a seed of positive intention to take with you over the next few weeks and months. 

Go gently, find your rhythm, flow like water.




Fridays , 2pm - 3pm,

All Saints Church Hall, Hersham

A gentle mindful movement class suitable for everyone, but particularly beneficial for the ageing body or for those with limited mobility, recovering from an injury, or if you are simply looking to keep your body moving with a kind and gentle practise. Some of the movements are done seated, some standing (if possible) and combines a blend of yoga, qi gong, somatic exercises & weight bearing movements  to help increase  balance, stability, joint mobility & healthy bones. The class also includes breath work and relaxation techniques. 


Wild Foraging & Restorative Yoga Day

Sunday 17th March

10am - 3.30pm

Stepping into Spring with a guided foraging walk led by Kate Ray, alfresco lunch, followed by a grounding restorative yoga practise & meditation with Hannah

Spaces limited so book in!


Early Summer Escape Yoga Weekend 


Friday 17th - Sunday 19th May '24

Arnewood Manor, New Forest 

Set in the New Forest and just a short drive from the sea, join me for an uplifting weekend of seasonal yoga.

Only 3 spaces remaining 


Nurture & Nourish Yoga Weekend 


Friday 8th - Sunday 10th Nov '24

Florence House, Seaford, Sussex

Join Nancy Campbell and I for a weekend at the coast. nourishing, nurturing yoga and wellness activities, coastal walks, hot soups, fires, cosy jumpers, connection and lots of laughter.

Florence House - Vicki Knights 01 - Copy.jpg

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