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Hannah offers weekly yoga classes that offer you space and time to focus your mind, strengthen your body, bring awareness to seasonal energy and allow yourself a moment to just breathe. 

We all deserve to take some time out from our busy day, to check in with ourselves, to find some mental space away from distraction and discover the wonders of our breath.

What is Seasonal Yoga?

Taking influences from traditional Hatha Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Seasonal Yoga invites us to practise in tune with the seasons energy. 

Autumn represents another shift, a transition towards the end of yet another bizarre year full of its ups and downs. As we watch the leaves change colour, dry up and fall to the earth, we are reminded that life is forever changing, that without change there can be no space for renewal. Autumn is a time of letting go. 

In our seasonal yoga practise we harness the transformative and consolidating qualities of the Metal Energy, focusing on postures that open and close the body and using the power of our breath as a tool to create calm, ease and balance. 

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Weekly classes for all levels and a variety of styles from beginners to intermediate and everyone in between. 

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