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Hannah offers weekly yoga classes that offer you space and time to focus your mind, strengthen your body, bring awareness to seasonal energy and allow yourself a moment to just breathe. 

We all deserve to take some time out from our busy day, to check in with ourselves, to find some mental space away from distraction and discover the wonders of our breath.

What is Seasonal Yoga?

Taking influences from traditional Hatha Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Seasonal Yoga invites us to practise in tune with the seasons energy. In Autumn Seasonal Yoga we focus on gathering our energy inward, consolidating, organising, letting go, as a way to  feel more spacious and ready to meet new experiences and challenges. Now more than ever it feels important to not let the weight of the world sit on our shoulders.

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During lockdown 2.0, all weekly classes are live-streamed via Zoom. Lets keep the positive vibes flowing and work together to stay happy and healthy. 

Keeping up your yoga practise from the ease and comfort of your own home or anywhere you are in the world!



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